Striving for authentic musical expression, Himoya combine elements of jazz and electronic pop music. The band members view Himoya as a collective: The music always originates in the community.

For years, Jonathan Hofmeister (synthesizer), Nicolai Amrehn (bass), Julia Ehninger (vocals) and Jeroen Truyen (drums) have been working together in various projects. They have decided to bring together the strengths of each individual in order to develop a common musical vision as a collective.

In their poetic and reflective lyrics they tell stories of affection and loss, but also anecdotes from everyday life. Reflecting Himoya's technical virtuosity, the pieces composed together play with a sonic mixture of synth rock, singer songwiter elements and vocal jazz. Himoya means shelter or protector. In this self-created secure space, the band members make their musical decisions together. 

Based in Cologne now, the members of Himoya have been living and working abroad in New York and Paris supported by various scholarships (i. e., German Academic Exchange Service, German Academic Scholarship Foundation).

Jonathan Hofmeister - Piano

Nicolai Amrehn - Double Bass

Jeroen Truyen - Drums

Julia Ehninger - Voice