Playing at the "Women in Jazz Festival" (Next Generation)

Julia's new project HIMOYA has joined the line-up of this year's "Next Generation" series at the "Women in Jazz Festival". You can vote the band to next years festival! Click here.


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New Album

"Hidden Place" (Berthold Records)

The new album "Hidden Place" by Julia Ehninger's 4tet is out now on Berthold Records! You can find the tour dates below. Click here for more details.

"powerful second album" (Jazzthetik)


"intelligent lyrics" (Jazz'n'More)


"Although 'only' one quartet is at work, there is little comparable in terms of harmonic and rhythmic complexity" (Jazz'n'More)

"confident and ambitious, passionate, melancholic, dreamy." (Musikanisch)

New videos have been released. Click on the link below to watch more videos.

The band FRIDA has a brand new website. Check it out!


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Striving for authentic musical expression, HIMOYA combine elements of jazz and electronic pop music.

For years, Jonathan Hofmeister (synthesizer), Nicolai Amrehn (bass), Julia Ehninger (vocals) and Jeroen Truyen (drums) have been working together in various projects. They have decided to bring together the strengths of each individual in order to develop a common musical vision as a collective.

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