Frida is playful. Frida has a vivid imagination. Sometimes she is loud and stubborn. But often she plays in her own world, quietly and tenderly. Her moods change like her hair. And then she wants to experiment again and be wild.


FRIDA is a joint project by the award-winning singers Sara Decker (Shure Montreux Jazz Voice Competition Finalist 2017), Mascha Corman (curator of various experimental concert series and NRW scholarship recipient), and Julia Ehninger (DAAD alumna and current scholar of Studienstiftung) as well as drummer Jeroen Truyen, and bassist Florian Herzog. Five personalities with various musical backgrounds create music for their alter ego Frida. FRIDA combines Sara Decker’s  and Julia Ehninger’s qualities of merging pop styles with improvisational jazz artistry with Mascha Corman’s extended vocal techniques and musical playfulness. Together with Truyen’s technical prowess and Herzog’s steadiness, FRIDA takes you to surprisingly unexplored musical landscapes.​

Sara Decker - Voice

Mascha Corman - Voice

Julia Ehninger - Voice

Jeroen Truyen - Drums

Conrad Noll - Bass

© 2020 by Julia Ehninger