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Julia Ehninger & Florian Herzog

Julia Ehninger and Florian Herzog are a dynamic synthpop duo that have been making waves in the music scene with their fresh and experimental sound. With Ehninger's captivating vocals and Herzog's skilled use of modular synthesizers and drum machines, the duo seamlessly blends electronic effects with elements of pop and jazz music. Having lived in New York, Ehninger and Herzog draw inspiration from a wide range of musical influences and bring their diverse experiences to their performances. Ehninger's versatile voice conveys the emotions and moods of the songs, while Herzog's pulsing basslines and distinctive synth sounds add depth and texture to the music. The duo offers a unique and creative take on the genre that will transport you to another world. Their innovative sound and mesmerizing performances are not to be missed. 

Julia Ehninger (voice, synthesizers, fx)

Florian Herzog (modular synthesizers, drum machines, fx) 

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